Blake Eastman

Founder of Beyond Tells

Hey! My name is Blake Eastman. My entire life has been about 3 things. Poker, Psychology, and Nonverbal Behavior. The following is an overview of my experience.

I am the founder of School of Cards. The first, brick and mortar poker school in the country where I taught mainly live classes to several thousand players. In 2017, we transitioned School of Cards fully online where we offer 12 weeks long highly immersive courses for Live No Limit Players. The range of my experience as a poker coach is quite wide. From teaching players the difference between a straight and flush to constructing higher level strategies to combat some of the toughest games in the world.

I was an adjunct psychology professor at the City University of New York for 6 years. I taught General Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and Group Dynamic. My academic roots are in forensic psychology with an emphasis on psychological testing.

I own a behavioral research company called The Nonverbal Group. We do large scale studies on human behavior and I also coach executives and teams in areas of communication. We essentially apply the same methodologies we used for Beyond Tells to make people more effective communicators and live more powerful and fulfilled lives.

I played cash games professionally when I was younger. I don’t play professionally anymore, but recently started playing tournaments. I have $200k in cashes with a 4th place finish in the 5K 6-Max and a very deep run in the 2016 WSOP Main Event. You will see me on the tournament circuit playing various games. Also, I have recently developed a new love for Mixed Games, O8, and 2-7 Triple Draw.

I am obsessed with improvement, personal development, and education. I love coffee, anything tech, data visualization, research, web development, boxing, optimizing performance, fantasy & spy books, anything apple, marketing….. oh and I am obsessed with design. About 95% of what you are seeing was designed by me. Something I take great pride.

Eddie Cheaz


If you’ve watched a video on the Beyond Tells website, School of Cards YouTube, Cash Game Fix or Beyond Tells...chances are, I’ve worked on it. I joined the team in 2012 and since that date, I have pulled my fair share of all-nighters in the office to get content filmed or hours of video cut. Beyond that, I’m a neat freak and can have organized everything in our office alphabetically and can mop & dust better than the Four Seasons cleaning staff. :)

I’m happy to say that I get to work with my best friend, Blake and get out information that really helps people. I believe in the mission and am happy to help serve it.

When I’m not in the office, I love to get out of the city and be out in nature. Kayaking and hiking in the warm months and snowboarding in the cool months. O and the office joke is that I’m a cookie monster. I really really like cookies.

Zuly Bonilla


Uninspired with life after college, I bought a Groupon to an Intro to Poker class at School of Cards and it sparked an obsession with poker that has grown from that day on.

A few months after taking the intro class, I went to a casino for the first time, sat down at a table, and made $400 in 2 hours. It was then thatI realized I could turn my hobby into a career. A month later, I quit my job and officially started playing poker for a living. A year after that, Blake asked me to come “help” him with Beyond Tells for a few months, and I’m still here almost a decade later.

You can find me running our operations - everything from marketing, to content plans, to course management, to customer interaction. I interface with almost every employee to make sure the company is running smoothly. Blake is in charge of the vision, and I am in charge of turning that vision into reality.

Matt Vaughan


In poker I’m most known at this point as a vlogger, and one who does all his own editing. A lot of people don’t even realize that I’ve had a full time job working with Beyond Tells for over a year now, and that I take some of my editing knowledge and experience to that role.

On top of editing many of the videos, walkthroughs, and other content, I am often the one looking for and picking out specific hands and moments to be used in the Beyond Tells content. Because we’re such a small team, we all wear a lot of hats at Beyond Tells. In addition to being part of the content creation, I help edit and proofread scripts and articles, assist with customer service and technical support, and work as a direct affiliate for Beyond Tells through my YouTube channel.

So every time somebody asks “where I’ve been” when I haven’t put a vlog out for a while… Beyond Tells is usually the reason.

Reto Wyss

Data Analysis

My name is Reto and I crunch the numbers at Beyond Tells. I have a background in computer science and I’m currently working on my master thesis in cognitive psychology. I’m familiar with applications of game theory and I like to make machines learn things.

In our analysis we leverage the statistical programming environment R as a high level interface to various statistical methods, neural networks, data visualization toolkits and our database.

Blake frequently tries to tease me by making jokes about how I can see the Matrix. However, little does he know that he is absolutely right on this account.

Steven Catterson


I have been playing live casino poker for almost twenty five years. I first started playing 7-Card stud in the East Coast poker rooms during the mid 90’s. When Limit Holdem became popular in the early 2000’s I transitioned to that game. These days most of my play is in the $2-5 and $5-10 NL Holdem cash games and the $5-5 and $5-$10 PLO cash games.

Over the years the games have changed and so have the methods of teaching and learning the game. Since the beginning I have considered myself a student of the game. I have read all the books and been a member of all the training sites. I have also been lucky enough to have taken one-on-one coaching from some elite levels players. Those experiences have allowed me to develop relationships with some of the best players and thinkers in today’s games.

I believe all these experiences and interactions helped create for me a well rounded approach to the game of poker. I enjoy discussing and studying the game and hopefully we will have an opportunity to learn from each other going forward.

A special thanks to Mollie, Alexei, Shattique, Mark, Rudy, Matt, Balwin, and the other 55+ members on the research team that worked on this project in various capacities and made Beyond Tells a reality.