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A Quick Overview

Hello! My name is Blake Eastman. I am the creator of Beyond Tells. I am the guy writing this and the person you will see in all of the videos. My entire professional life has revolved around three things: Poker, Psychology, and Nonverbal Behavior. Below are some of the reasons I am uniquely qualified to discuss poker and tells.

  • I am the Founder of the Behavioral Research company The Nonverbal Group
  • I am the Founder of School of Cards and have been coaching poker for close to a decade.
  • I was an Adjunct Psychology Professor at the City University of New York.

Over the past 6 years I lead a team of over 70 people who did the following:

  • Conducted the largest behavioral study ever on poker players. This is an ongoing and extensively labor intense process which required the recording, tagging, and analyzing thousands of hours of video footage. This included analyzing over 600,000 blinks, conducting qualitative and quantitative analysis on over 25,000 card checks at the table, analyzing subtle changes in the human face, and a lot more. Click here if you want to learn more about our research.
  • We have created the most comprehensive poker tells training. In 2014, we released our first training program Beyond Tells 1.0. In June 2018, we released Beyond Tells 2.0 - a completely redesigned 14-week highly immersive and interactive online training program. Beyond Tells 2.0 is an application-only program for serious live players who want to take their game to another level. You can apply after taking our
    Free Workshop The Behavioral Edge

After dedicating 6+ years to rigorously studying the behavior of poker players, we’ve learned several very important things about behavior at the poker table.

  • MOST of the advice about Poker Tells is nonsense and definitely does more harm than good. Part of the reason the company is called “Beyond Tells” is because we are trying to move beyond the nonsense advice about tells that plagues the poker community.
  • LEARNING to read behavior and integrate it into your thought takes a considerable level of work. You won’t find any “top 3 tells” articles here. Content like that is often based on highly anecdotal evidence and is latent with cognitive biases that have very little practical application.
  • BEHAVIOR is one of the most underutilized edges in poker. The game has gone through a wide range of advancements over the past 20 years, however, the behavioral side has remained relatively ignored. While books have been written, no single group or organization has ever attempted to approach this area of poker with the level of attention and detail it deserves. When we say “Beyond Tells will change the game of poker…” We believe it. We are fully committed to changing the landscape of live poker and showing the poker community the power of behavior at the poker table. For those of you who are ready, we can help you develop an edge that very few players are using.

Our content is divided into several categories.

The INSIGHTS we discovered when conducting the largest study on behavior and poker tells.

Our favorite 3 are:

The RESEARCH methods,explanations, and everything that went into the largest behavioral study on poker tells.

Our favorite 3 are:

The  Master Poker Tells FAQ. If you have a question about tells we will answer it here.

Our favorite 3 are:

The Behavioral Edge: A Free 10 day interactive poker tells workshop and it’s the first week of the Beyond Tells 2.0 training

  • Learn 3 simple pre-flop tells you can use to narrow your opponents range.
  • Use behavior to significantly increase the success of your aggression.
  • Uncover the subtle ways your behavior is giving away your hand strength.
  • Test your currently ability to spot tells in read recorded games.
  • Learn the 5 deadly mistakes players make when looking for poker tells.

Our Training Programs

  • The Beyond Tells Training 2.0: Read Any Player, Give Off Nothing, Manipulate Your Opponents and Master the Ultimate Edge in Live Poker. A 12 Week Interactive Video Course Designed to Teach You Read Any Player, Give Off Nothing, Psychologically Manipulate Your Opponents and Master the Ultimate Edge in Live Poker
  • Private Programs: If you are a high stakes player looking to work with Blake personally. You can apply here.


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