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Blake Eastman

Out of all the web-based tools we used to create Beyond Tells, was the most critical. is a collaborative video tool that allows users to comment, markup, and review video footage remotely. Normally, Frame is used by production companies as a tool that makes video review much more efficient. 

We used primarily to manually code nonverbal behavioral at the table. An overview of this process can be found in our article How We Code The Nonverbal Behaviors of Poker Players. has 2 features that made it perfect for our research.

First, it is a very fast web-based solution which allows anyone in the world to access and collaborate via video. This allowed us to scale our coding efforts by virtually distributing our coding process. 70+ people were able to manually code video all across the world, which would not have been possible without Frame. For example, we manually coded 550,000+ blinks manually using Frame. 

Second, is the export function. allows you to mark and export a CSV file listing the exact frame a comment was made. This seems like a simple feature but it was absolutely essential for us. The goal of our research was to get contextual data (actions at the table) and behavioral data in one central place. Using the export tool we were able to export the raw data and import it into our POSTGRES database for analysis.

Those two features allowed us to make Frame the primary tool for both qualitative and quantitative behavioral coding. 

In addition to using for research, we have also used it for coaching by allowing our private clients to break down behavior for our review. 

If you have any questions on how we used to analyze footage from the Beyond Tells Study, please reach out! 

If you are a poker player and want to learn to practically apply this information at the table, make sure you check out The Behavioral Edge: A 10 Day Free Poker Tells Workshop.

Me! The guy writing this and the person you see in all of the videos. My entire professional life has gravitated around three things: Poker, Psychology, and Nonverbal Behavior. Below are some of the reasons I am uniquely qualified to discuss poker and tells.

  • I am the Founder of the Behavioral Research company The Nonverbal Group

  • I am the Founder of School of Cards and have been coaching poker for close to a decade.

  • I was an Adjunct Psychology Professor at the City University of New York.

You can learn more about me here

Beyond Tells has several components but it’s essentially divided into two big pursuits, Training and Research.

  • It’s the largest ongoing behavioral study of poker players.

  • It’s the most comprehensive training on poker tells ever created.

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