Immersive Private Programs, High Level Behavioral Breakdowns, and Fully Customized Training for The Most Serious Poker Players

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Our private services are designed to give high stakes players full access to our resources allowing them to develop a behavioral edge considerably faster then our traditional training. You will work directly with Blake to make sure you can read, conceal, and manipulate behavior at the highest level. In addition to working through the course material privately our private services also include:
  • Using BIOfeedback devices to determine and modify physiological arousal at the table.
  • Conducting behavioral breakdowns of past performance and identifying potential leaks.
  • Setting up live events where players are filmed and deconstructed while playing on RFID technology.
  • Building out comprehensive databases of behavioral reads and adjustments for high stakes games.
Who Are the Private Programs Designed For?
You should be a serious poker player who is playing at the very least 5/10 regularly. Our customized services only make sense when their is a tangible ROI and we suggest anyone playing lower stakes start with The Beyond Tells Training.
Do You Offer Support for Mixed Games?
The Beyond Tells studies were conducted on primarily Live No Limit Hold Em. However, in our private services we also adjust and modify our frameworks to help players playing mixed as well.
How Long to Private Programs Typically Last?
Most programs last between 3-6 months, however, we create programs on a case by case basis. These are high touch point programs that require work to be completed on a weekly basis. We have noticed that players won’t actually adopt the skill set unless a certain amount of off table work is dedicated.
Where Does Private Training Take Place?
Most training is conducted via Zoom meetings. An online video communication platform. Some components will require in person recordings or meetings that usually take place in Las Vegas, NYC, or Macau.

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